Parents of the world rejoice!

Today we are getting away from the tech world and having a look at a completely different product in a completely different niche. Today we are looking at the Doodle Pop Pacifier, that's right a pacifier, but not just any pacifier. This one is revolutionary and so simple to use it's insane. The Doodle is… Continue reading Parents of the world rejoice!


The ultimate charging cable

We've all seen the myriad of different charging cables on the market, from super strong to super long, but they all lack something that is imperative in today's smartphones and devices. That something is the ability to backup your devices without a PC, as in automatically. The MEEM Memory for Android will automatically, automagically maybe,… Continue reading The ultimate charging cable

Virtual Private Network in a box

The Antsle One is by far the best VPN box on the market, with the ability to host up to 100 VPN's all silently and dust free. You can order one in one of 3 variants and colors. Coming in at only $759 for the entry level variant that has a quad core CPU, 8… Continue reading Virtual Private Network in a box

The one in-ear headphones to rule them all

Ok I am going to come up front and say this, these headphones are amazing, albeit at $94 they are not the cheapest out there. With a triple driver design you will be able to hear the highest highs and the lowest lows without any distortion. Also, these were tuned by Grammy award winning sound… Continue reading The one in-ear headphones to rule them all

The easiest fish finder, EVER

This is the easiest fish finder to use on the market! You will always know where the fish are! This device is extremely portable so you can take it wherever you fish. It uses state-of-the-art 2.4 Ghz WiFi so you will always have the best signal. The Sony CCD 1000TVL HD Video Camera and 12 high-power… Continue reading The easiest fish finder, EVER

Sony FDRX3000/W- GoPro Alternative

If you are in the market for an action camera but don't want to fork over the big bucks a GoPro, you are in luck! The Sony FDRX3000 opens spectacular new vistas with mesmerizing 4K high quality and steady action. This camera combines brilliant 4K resolution with Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization which is an advanced camera-shake compensation. The… Continue reading Sony FDRX3000/W- GoPro Alternative

Plastic Solar Eclipse Glasses

Just in time for the full solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017 over the continental USA, which hasn't happened in 41 years! unlike some of the popular paper glasses, these glasses are plastic and are ISO and CE approved so you know you are 100% safe when viewing the eclipse. These glasses are packaged in hard… Continue reading Plastic Solar Eclipse Glasses

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

Are you in the market for an espresso machine but have't bought one yet because of your busy schedule? Well the wait is over with the MiniPresso GR! Make quality espresso anywhere life or business takes you without having to worry about electricity. You read that right, this simple easy to use compact and lightweight… Continue reading MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker


Do you love pancakes? Have you ever seen some of the pancake artists and wish you could draw with pancake batter like they do? Well now you can with the PancakeBot! It uses a system similar to a 3D printer, with its own proprietary batter dispensing system which will draw your perfect customized pancake every… Continue reading PancakeBot

Aoocan Gold Grill Mat

After seeing the numerous commercials for the Yoshi branded copper grill mats, and have tried them and others, I can say matter-of-factly that the Aoocan Grill mats are the best. Coming in natural copper color or black, these will look great on any barbecue.  These mats will also prevent the smallest of morsels from falling… Continue reading Aoocan Gold Grill Mat