Virtual Private Network in a box

The Antsle One is by far the best VPN box on the market, with the ability to host up to 100 VPN’s all silently and dust free. You can order one in one of 3 variants and colors. Coming in at only $759 for the entry level variant that has a quad core CPU, 8 GB of ram, and 2x 120 GB SSD’s. The Antsle One is perfect for anyone who wants a private and secure network, from streaming to home office use. It can be configured with up to 64 GB of memory, an 8 core CPU, and 16 TB of storage if you order the Ultimate version. The included antsleOS is very intuitive and easy to use and will allow you to have a VPN up and running in seconds. With this device you can truly throw away your other streaming and hosting services or devices for good, which will save you money. Order you Antsle One now and host your site(s) and stream to your hearts content like we do.


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