Team Red comes back with a vengeance!

Ok hear me out on this one, I am a Team Blue, Intel, fan through and through but with the new Threadripper CPU’s coming to market I can see a lot of Intel fans switching sides. With an unprecedented 64 PCIe Gen3 lanes, up to a boost clock speed of 4.2 GHz with XFR, 40 MB of cache memory, and only $999 for the top-tier monster 16 core there is no reason not to make the switch if you are an enthusiast or content creator. I foresee these chips having a very wide bottleneck with all those PCI lanes and cache. These chips are, to say the least, phenomenal. Never before have we been able to do so much with a single CPU on the desktop side without resorting to using server grade and possibly dual CPU’s. Even if you aren’t an enthusiast or content creator, there are three chips to choose from, for now, all using the same chipset which makes it easy to only get the low-end model and upgrade when and if you need to. So if you haven’t done so already pre-order yours today!


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