Amazon Prime

On this Fathers Day why not give dad something he will use all year long when it’s time to relax? Amazon Prime can do just that. With access to instant video streaming to their favorite TV shows and videos, there’s always something to watch. There’s over 2 million songs, thousands of playlists an thousands of stations all with Alexa voice-integration and personalized recommendations at no additional cost with your Amazon Prime Membership. Speaking of music you can unlock even more with Amazon Music Unlimited, plus get an exclusive Prime member discount. So all of dads favorite music will be covered, yes even the oldies. If he is an avid reader, he will have unlimited access to over a thousand books, current issue magazines, books with Audible narration, comics, Kindle Singles, and more. He can use this on any mobile device so he can read wherever he wants. Say dad is an avid reader but is also busy, what does he do? With the included Audible subscription he can listen to thousands of books with insightful and engaging playlists handcrafted for every interest and refreshed daily, drawing from news, comedy shows, articles, talks and more. For the gamer dad there’s Twitch Prime, which gives you member exclusive discount on new release and preorder boxed video games including characters, vehicles, skins, and boosts for top games on Twitch, plus surprises like full indie games and exclusive loot. Also included in Twitch Prime is ad-free viewing  and a free monthly Twitch channel subscription to support your favorite streamer. Last, but not least, Prime also has free unlimited photo storage through Prime Photos, which lets you securely save as many photos as you like and see them on your phone, computer, or tablet. You can also can share this Prime benefit and give free photo storage to up to five family members or friends. With all of these benefits you will be considered the best kid, so why not order one for dad now or yourself?


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